Departments: Rural Development
Rural Development

Departments: Rural Development

Rural Development was formed as an answer to the problems concerning the inconsistencies in the level of economic development within one region but also between different regions of one territory. Rural development is often regarded as s synonym for agricultural development. However, rural development represents complex socio-economic development that includes solving problems in the field of agriculture, industry, employability, infrastructure, tourism, health care, education,... »

Department Services

  •  The technical support to the farmers
  •  The support to the craft workshops working in the area of the traditional crafts
  •  The support to the associations from the rural areas
  •  The support to the service providers in the area of the rural tourism
  •  The support to the local self-governments of the region
  •  Informing the rural population

Department Partners

Fostering the implementation of shallow geothermal hybrid heating and cooling systems in the Danube Region - Danube GeoHeCo
Fostering Innovation in the Danube Region through Knowledge Engineering and IPR Management - KnowING IPR
EnerMOB - Interregional Electromobility Networks for intERurban low carbon MOBility
WIDE projekat
Supporting the catering sector from the territory of the city of Kragujevac in mitigating the effects of the pandemic of COVID-19
Building the ADRION Brand Name in Tourism: Indulging all Five Senses
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