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Providing support to the offices for the local economic development from the territory of Sumadija and Pomoravlje

  • Department: Strategic Planning
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    The raising of the capacities of the OLEDs in order to provide a higher level of quality of services to the residents of their municipalities.

    The support in writing the projects according to the EU standards and providing the local offices with the necessary information.

    Solving every-day problems of the offices.

    Numerous activities concerning networking of offices and making a unified, common identity of the process of the local economic development on the territory of Sumadija  and Pomoravlje.

    Organized trainings on the subject of planning the local development process.

The making of the sustainable development strategy

  • Department: Strategic Planning
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    The support to municipalities on the territory of Sumadija and Pomoravlje which have a need to make a new or do a revision of the current strategy, i.e. make a document based on the sustainability principles in order to meet the EU funds, regulations and standards, the principles and their applied practice. The support to the municipalities consists of part from making local, also making the regional strategies, i.e. updating one after the period of implementation has ended. The RDA makes the local and regional strategic documents by its strategic planning methodology, through workshops and based on the participatory approach.

Writing project proposals in accordance with the EU regulations

  • Department: Strategic Planning
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    In accordance with the current calls and project programs of EU, the provision of the intensive support to the local self-governments of Sumadija and Pomoravlje in writing the project proposals and the implementation of all the accompanying activities. 
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