20.07.2016 | SMEE Development

Begining of implementation of the project METRIS vine

Development Agency of Serbia has approved funding of the Project  "Mechanisms to support the introduction of innovations in production and access to the market for wine producers of Šumadija wine region - METRIS wine " in the form of co-financing of  50% of eligible project costs. The project  is being implemented within the Program for business support to institutional infrastructure in 2016.
Partners in a consortium are:
   - Regional Economic Development Agency for Sumadija and Pomoravlje - the applicant
   -  Association of wine producers of wines with geographical origin Šumadija - partner in the project
Project METRIS wine refers to activities under component 1 of the Public Invitation:
   - Joint product development and / or development of technological processes and / or acquisition of common equipment and / or infrastructure equipment joint operation and optional: the establishment of new mechanisms of cooperation between SMEs which contribute to increasing the competitiveness of
   - Creating a value chain in order to increase the degree of product finalization with major share of domestic raw materials
The project began with the implementation of 18 July 2016, and project activities will be implemented until 1 May 2017.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to economic development in Central Serbia through the development of mechanisms to support entrepreneurship and innovation in the production and market access.

The specific objectives are:

    - Development of new business services in the field of viticulture and winemaking on the territory of Sumadija regions based on the real needs of micro, small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs in the sector
   -  Development of the Association of wine producers, with special emphasis on the development of common products
    - Development of business capacity of micro, small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs and the creation of employment opportunities within the logistics chain of wine producers on the territory of Sumadija regions
    - Stimulating business associations on the territory of Šumadija and creating value chains in order to increase the degree of product finalization

 Expected project results are:

     - Raised level of work of business associations through the development of new services based on real needs and work profesionalnizaciji business association
    - Improved technological process and shared equipment purchased for the purpose of introducing the common features of quality control of finished products
    - Introduced an innovative approach to the market through the development of new joint products
    - Raised level of visibility of Šumadija Winemakers Association, its members and promoted product line with the geographical origin of the wine region of Sumadija

 Through the defined objectives, activities and operational plan is realized through:

     -A higher level of efficiency of the sector
    - Improvement of technological process
     -Introduction of the common functions of quality control of final products
    - An innovative approach to the market in order to launch of new joint product
     -Increasing the visibility of the Association of winemakers Šumadija, sector and region as a whole

Implementation of the project also creates conditions for future joint actions to be defined by the Strategic Development Plan of the Association of winemakers Šumadija, which will contribute to the further cross-sectoral and regional integration, with the involvement of relevant actors and institutions to support further development.

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