Fostering the implementation of shallow geothermal hybrid heating and cooling systems in the Danube Region - Danube GeoHeCo

The main objective of Danube GeoHeCo project is to increase the penetration of shallow geothermal energy in the Danube Region through initiating a robust transnational cooperation of promotion and support actions. The purpose of proposed activities is to achieve ambitious EU energy and climate targets by 2030 and consequently 2050. The project will foster the integration of shallow geothermal solutions into existing fossil-fuel based domestic heating and cooling (HC) systems, raise awareness and enhance capacities.

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Lead Partner:

  • Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd. (Croatia)

Appart from REDASP, Project Partners are:

  • CROST Regional Development Nonprofit Ltd. (Hungary)
  • University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering (Croatia)
  • Research Burgenland Ltd. (Austria)
  • Local Energy Agency Pomurje (Slovenia)
  • Geological Survey of Slovenia (Slovenia)
  • InnoGeo Research and Service Ltd. (Hungary)
  • Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (Slovakia)
  • Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
  • Faculty of Engineering in Kragujevac (Serbia)
  • Regional Economic Development Agency for Šumadija and Pomoravlje (Serbia)
  • Regional Development Agency Bačka Ltd. Novi Sad (Serbia)
  • LIR Evolution (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Associate Strategic Partners:

  • Medjimurje County (Croatia)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Hungary)
  • Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency (Croatia)
  • Provincial government of Burgenland (Austria)
  • National consortium of energy agencies of Slovenia (Slovenia)
  • Municipality of Moravske Toplice (Slovenia)
  • Association of Hungarian District Heating Enterprises (Hungary)
  • Technical University of Košice (Slovakia)
  • Alba Iulia Municipality (Romania)
  • Slovenian Water Agency (Slovenia)
  • The City of Kragujevac (Serbia)
  • Provincial Secretariat for Energy, Construction and Transport (Serbia)
  • Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund of the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • The City of Laktaši (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mining and Geology (Serbia)

Interreg Danube Region Programme, Co-funded by the European Union

Total Budget:
2.481.000,00 EUR

Project duration:
30 months (1 January 2024 – 30 June 2026)

Fostering the implementation of shallow geothermal hybrid heating and cooling systems in the Danube Region - Danube GeoHeCo
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