29.07.2011 | SMEE Development

Regular REDASP Founders’ Assembly meeting held in Kragujevac

On July 25, 2011, the 29th regular session of the Founders Assembly of the Regional Economic Development Agency for Sumadija and Pomoravlje was held in Kragujevac City

This year's third session, apart from adoption of the Minites of the meeting recorded at the previous session had the agenda with the following topics.

  • Report on closing of the EU Delegation Operational Grant for Capacity Building of the Regional Economic Development Agency for Sumadija and Pomoravlje
  • Plan of activities and Financial projection of sustainability of the Regional Economic Development Agency of Sumadija and Pomoravlje for the following 6 months

Within the first topic, the Executive Director, Mr. Nenad Popović presented the project of EU Delegation Operational Grant for Capacity Building of the Regional Economic Development Agency for Sumadija and Pomoravlje, and the achieved project results during the period of 3 years, which was the contracted duration of the project. Some of the results are: 18 computers provided and distributed to the local economic development offices, 11000 leaflets distributed, designed visual identity of LED Offices,  designed OLED NETWORK (www.olednetwork.rs) as an on-line tool for development and selection of the regional and cross-municipal project ideas, three forums held for the representatives of the local sel-managements  with 95 participants in total, completed and adopted Sustainable Development Strategy for Sumadija and Pomoravlje 2011-2021, which comprises 6 development priorities, 17 strategic goals, 59 operational goals (objectives) and 511 project ideas.

Furthermore, 8 local sustainable development strategies were developed and adopted for the following municipalities: Arandjelovac, Batočina, Despotovac, Lapovo, Rača, Rekovac, Topola and Ćuprija; the Center for Youth and Children was founded in Rekovac; the first European “Entrepreneurship Week” was held in Kragujevac from 6 to 14 May 2009; a poll was conducted with 180 clients and the related report produced analysing SMEE needs and problems related to additional and alternative sources of funding; 17 business plans were developed and 2535 new clients registered in the data base.

Besides, it should be emphasized that during the three years within the same project, 13.832.000 EUR of EU funds was invested in SME sector and 584.000 EUR of EU funds invested in rural development on the territory of Sumadija and Pomoravlje region. Within the development fund for Sumadija district , aproximately 700.000 EUR were invested in the projects.

Within the second topic of the agenda, the Director of the Regional Agency emphasized the problem of cofinancing of REDASP operational expences by its founders, which is one of the prerequisites for acreditation based on the Law on Regional Development. She also presented the plan of activities and financial projection for the period Jul – December 2011.

Next regular session of the Founders’ Assembly will be held at the end of summer 2011.

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