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Link up! Serbia II - Mentoring Serbian SMEs and vulnerable groups for internationalization through diaspora, and early stage entrepreneurs from diaspora to Serbian market

  • Location: Šumadija and Pomoravlje region
  • Goal:

    General objective: Internationalisation of each mentored SME and attracting diaspora investment in pitched projects

    Specific Objectives: 

    1. Outsourcing and scheme, followed by the organized webinar and outsourcing activities for 3 outsourcing projects with LSGs, SMEs and diaspora. 
    2. Diaspora pitching event organized in online or hybrid form. Mentoring Program 1 implementation in overall skills and capacities for internationalisation for 10 SMEs and 10 targeted individuals and MSMEs from vulnerable groups. 
    3. Mentoring Program 2 implementation in investment and business opportunity development support for 5 SMEs (ESG and impact Investments) and 5 targeted individuals and MSMEs from vulnerable groups. 
    4. Mentoring Program 3 implementation in Early Stage Entrepreneurship Program support for 7 early-stage diaspora entrepreneurs in Austria and 20 targeted individuals and MSMEs from vulnerable groups. 
    5. Outsourcing with Diaspora Business Hub.
    6. Organize successful diaspora day and follow up action planning Cuprija and attract other LSGs to join the event and practice as an outcome.

  • Value: 16 123.80 €
  • REDASP Role: Lead partner
  • Donors:
    Austrijska razvojna agencija / Austrian Development Agency
  • Results:
    1. Mentoring scheme segment on outsourcing developed and piloted. 
    2. 10 SMEs mentored for successful short - term or medium - term internationalization (market entry) towards DACH markets. 
    3. 10 targeted individuals and MSMEs from vulnerable groups were empowered for diaspora engagement.
    4. 5 SMEs mentored for competitive business opportunity proposals. 
    5. 5 MSMEs and VG mentored for competitive business opportunity proposals. 
    6. 7 SMEs in Early Stage Entrepreneurship Program
    7. 20 MSME and VG in Early Stage Entrepreneurship Program. 
    8. Medium - term and long - term internationalisation of each mentored SME.
    9. Investment and business opportunities developed for SMEs and LSG. partnership by the Link Up! Serbia II expert.
    10. Diaspora days organized for 15 business diasporans and for at least 2 LSGs (hometowns) interested to invest or partner with local companies. High level local officials, RDA and diaspora approved a medium term plan of cooperation and projects. Action plan follow up implemented until the end of the grant action. Long term cooperation on organizing diaspora day events secured and expanded to new member LSGs. 
    11. Implemented Webinar disseminated information regarding the outsourcing, the mentorship for SMEs, and the pitching event. 
    12. Inputs from the Kragujevac Regional Stakeholder Meeting (October 2021) for drafting of the policy proposals for the LSGs and the Government during the grant implementation in 2022 (annex 4). Joint RRA policy proposal submission. 
    13. At least 3 Outsourcing projects agreed with the diaspora and based on the support from the Diaspora Business Hub. 
    14. Business Diaspora Pitching event organized in cooperation with the business diaspora mapped and engaged with the Link Up! Serbia II project. The pitching will be realized through the Business Atlas for Serbia and Diaspora , section for Business Diaspora Pitching , and in accordance with the model developed by the project team. The even may be hybrid (physical and online). REDASP internalized its participation in the regular Diaspora Pitching Event which will be organized after the project ends with the DACH Diaspora Regional Network. 
    15. Participated in the conference in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. 716. Exit Strategy of all core actions developed and implemented(internationalisation). 
    16. Supported digitalisation of picked successful diaspora investments and local municipalities in grant 1 of the Link Up! Serbia II project (follow up activity).

    Implementation period: May 2022 - November 2022

Supporting the catering sector from the territory of the city of Kragujevac in mitigating the effects of the pandemic of COVID-19

  • Location: Kragujevac
  • Goal:
     Overall objective: Contribution to the development of the catering sector on the territory of the city of Kragujevac
    Specific objective(s): Creation of opportunities for capacity improvement and increased competitiveness of catering facilities involved in the project

  • Value: 65 392.34 €
  • REDASP Role: Lead partner
  • Donors:
    The European Union for local development - EU PRO PLUS
  • Results:
    1. Improved administrative and technical procedures in catering facilities involved in the project 
    2. Improved skills of bartenders in catering facilities involved in the project 
    3. Improved skills of waiters in catering facilities involved in the project 
    4. Promoted the results of the implemented activities to the target group of catering facilities

    Implementation period: June 2022 - February 2023

    EU PRO PLUS bso projekat eng

Integration of Women through Digital Entrepreneurship - WIDE

  • Location: Serbia, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Republic of Northern Macedonia, Romania
  • Goal:
     Specific objectives are:

    1. Increasing digital skills in women from rural area to develop an entrepreneurial aptitude. Digital technologies are a great opportunity for rural women to compensate for their environment deficiencies to join the labour market and/ or carry out actions of entrepreneurship;

    2. Increasing digital skills in adult women from rural area who already have a business idea in mind but lack in ICTs skills. Therefore, ICT-based learning could foster greater opportunities for business in many ways such as accessing related information for reducing uncertainty, and participating in economic activities more competitively.

  • Value: 141 901.00 €
  • REDASP Role: Lead organization
  • Donors:
    Erasmus Plus Program through TEMPUS offices in Serbia
  • Partners:
    IDP European Consultants Italy, Institut za razvoj zajednice Republika Severna Makedonija/Community Development Institute The Republic of North Macedonia, Institut za visoku obuku za politike zajednice Belgija/INSTITUT DE HAUTE FORMATION AUX POLITIQUES COMMUNAUTAIRES Belgium, INTERNET WEB SOLUTIONS SL Spain, Udruženje za održivi razvoj u obrazovanju Rumunija/Association for Sustainable Development in Education (ADDE) Romania
  • Results:
     WIDE project will produce several intangible results such as: 

    R1: the online e-Platform as the Open Educational Resource (OER). The WIDE Platform will be the gateway for adult low skilled women to access the knowledge base and use the training content and tools to build entrepreneurial opportunities.

    R2: Rural Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Manual - WIDE project will identify and build entrepreneurial opportunities provided by local assets in agricultural, touristic (hospitality, food & beverages, tour guides, etc) and cultural field with a focus on the target groups of small operators and those professionals/enterprises of these sectors.

    R3: Development and validation of WIDE training solution - training courses specifically designed for women

    Implementation period: December 2021 - December 2023

    EU funded small

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Supporting the catering sector from the territory of the city of Kragujevac in mitigating the effects of the pandemic of COVID-19
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