Many cultural and historical monuments, monasteries, spas, mountains, natural and tourist attractions, provide a rich tourist offer for the numerous one-day, weekend trips, and other types of holiday in the territory of Šumadija and Pomoravlje. In addition to tourism this part of Serbia represents a specific cultural treasure, the area where different civilizations, with their similarities, accomplishments, equivalents and differences intersect.

With its topography as well as the rich cultural and historical past, this region could be a significant tourist and cultural destination for both domestic and foreign visitors. In the tourism development natural and climatic characteristics provide good prerequisites, but the tourism in this area is not fully developed because of the unused potential.

In the territory of Šumadija and Pomoravlje there is a large number of tourist sites that provide opportunities for organizing daily and multi-day trips for both domestic and foreign visitors. Apart from the natural beauty, there are significant tourist sites that provide possibilities to learn the history, culture and old and new traditions of our nation.The localities Bukovička Banja, the Garaško lake and The Risovača cave near Aranđelovac, The Resava cave and a number of other caves, as well as hydrocomplex Lisine, and Despotovačka Banja around Despotovac, modern tourist attractions like the zoo and aqua park and a public park Đurđevo Brdo in Jagodina are only a part of the cultural-historical and entertainment attractions of the region that attract the attention of many tourists both domestic and foreign ones.

In addition to the above mentioned, it is important to emphasize that special attention is drawn to the first public aquarium in the territory of Serbia, located in Kragujevac as well as the Grza resort and the medieval town of Petruš near Paraćin. The area of Gruža is widely known for its Gruža Lake and Borački Krš near Knić, while Orašac near Aranđelovac, which is considered to be the cradle of the modern Serbian state, Oplenac, King's wine cellar and vineyard in Topola, along with the house of Stevan Sinđelić in Svilajnac need no special introduction having in mind their historical significance and beauty.

The most promising areas of the Šumadija and Pomoravlje tourism are spa, sports and recreation, rural, cultural and historical tourism.

The development of spa tourism in the territory of Šumadija and Pomoravlje dates back to the Romans era, when the healing mineral springs were used, which are still current in the area of the Despotovačka spa. The recognizable symbol of the spa tourism of the territory, of course, represents Bukovička Spa in Aranđelovac, known for the use of mineral water, clay and helio-therapy, for the purpose of treating the metabolic and digestive problems.

In addition to the Bukovička spa for further development of spa tourism the already mentioned Despotovačka spa can be significant also, as well as the other still untested sites with mineral and thermal waters such as the site of the Stragari near Kragujevac.

The conditions for the development of sports and recreational tourism in Šumadija and Pomoravlje exist, but are poorly used. Beside the climatic characteristics, the presence of lakes, especially Gružansko, then the sports facilities in Kragujevac, Jagodina and Aranđelovac, are favorable for the performance of athletes preparing for competitions, hiking and extreme sports. A more intensive development of hunting and fishing tourism is possible also, in organized hunting grounds, which are existent in the territory of almost all municipalities, as well as on the river courses and lakes. Among the wildlife that can be hunted the following are present: wild boar, roebuck, rabbit, pheasant, partridge and of fish stocks carp, pike, catfish, carp, beovica and bandar.

The region of Šumadija and Pomoravlje has a very favorable conditions for tourism development in the rural areas. With the development of rural tourism the revitalization of traditional and indigenous values can be achieved, whereby the range of activities, services and additional content is included, organized by the rural population on family farms in order to attract tourists and create additional revenue, while respecting the principles of sustainable development and conservation of natural resources. In all the villages of Šumadija and Pomoravlje, beside exceptionally beautiful scenery and authentic traditional rural households, there is a range of anthropogenic and natural motifs that can be touristically valued. Other advantages are also the preserved architecture and organization of traditional farms, customs, traditional cuisine, hospitality and cordiality of the hosts. This type of tourism which can be one of the development directions and the diversification of agricultural production is mostly developed in the villages of the municipalities of Knić and Topola, while more important trend in the development of rural tourism in recent years is also evident in the municipalities of Rekovac, Kragujevac, Jagodina and Aranđelovac. In these municipalities a total of 49 households is categorized, out of which most are in the municipality of Knić (14), Topola (12) and Kragujevac (10), while the number is slightly lower in the municipalities of Jagodina (6), Aranđelovac (5), Despotovac (three households and a cottage) and Rekovac (2).

As a part of touristic offer in the area of rural tourism hunting can have a significant place as well. Hilly areas covered with forests and meadows are the ideal ground for breeding and hunting. Rabbit is the most common wild animal and is present in all parts of the region. In the plains apart from rabbits other types of game are present, specifically the partridge, quail, dove, pheasant and deer, while in the hills wild boar is hunt most frequently. The richness of this area attracts large numbers of hunters from abroad, of which most is from Italy and Switzerland.

The inseparable part of rural tourism are the traditional crafts that apart from keeping the identity of rural areas can bring significant income for the rural population. A special role in preserving traditional crafts may have associations of women, out of which 9 are currently operate in the territory of the Šumadija and Pomoravlje region, and of which the association of women ‘Ethno form’ from Jagodina, Ethno Union ‘Golden Hands’ Batočina, Association of Women ‘Ravno’ from Ćuprija and ‘Moravske Šarenice’ from Lapovo should be emphasized.

As a basis for the development and promotion of cultural and historical tourism in the territory of Šumadija and Pomoravlje, a significant cultural and historical treasure can be found, primarily in the geographical position of the region, which was the scene of many historic events. The development of human civilization can be studied in the area of Sumadija and Pomoravlje, from human settlements from the Palaeolithic period in the Risovačka cave near Aranđelovac, the Resavska cave near Despotovac all the way to the Roman settlement Idmium ( the territory of the present-day village Medveđa), also near Despotovac. Last but not least, a number of medieval monasteries in the region such as Manasseh, Centar, Ravnica, Jošanica and others certainly should be mentioned. The sites of Karađorđev Grad in Topola from the time of the first Serbian uprising of the early nineteenth century, the site of King Miloš`s Venac in Kragujevac from the first half of the nineteenth century, the church in Oplenac, the memorial park ‘21st October’ in Kragujevac, the Museum of Naive Art in Jagodina only confirm the high potential for the development of this type of tourism.

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