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The municipalities of Sumadije and Pomoravlje in Brussels

The delegation of Šumadija and Pomoravlje in connection with taking part on the Festival of European cities and regions- ``Open doors``, held on May 4th in the Region`s Committee. The delegation consisted of the representatives of the municipalities of Senjski rudnik in Despotovac, including the representatives of the Ministry of culture. Other European regions and institutions. By the initiative of he Regional Economic Development Agency of Šumadija and Pomoravlje the meetings were held on May 3rd in the premises of the region Koruška and Istria kanton, as well as a reception in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia in Brussels.

In the office of the Austrian region of Koruška the delegation was received by Mrs  Martina Ratinger. After presenting the municipality and the activities of the Regional agency, Mrs  Ratinger presented the way in which the regional office in Brussels works, the lobbying for the region`s interests through the commission and the Parliament, as well as the way to advocate for the realization of the partnership and the realiazation of the cross-border and trans-national projects.

The delegation was received at the Istria kanton regional office by Mr Dino Babić, who gave us interesting information concerning the experiences of the neighbouring country, i.e. the kanton of Istria in presenting the region`s interests and the realization of the project from the area of economy, infrastructure, tourism and culture, which are similar to the projects and potentials presented here by the municipalities Despotovac, Lapovo i Svilajnac.The meetings in the regional offices of both regions were concluded by the mutual interest to continue the cooperation. 

At the regional office of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia the delegation was received by Mrs Gordana Zrnić. The possibilities of presenting and advocating for the interests of the private sector were discussed, and as was the case in the previous two meetings, the possibility to attract foreign investors to the concrete municipalities and generally to the territory of Šumadija and Pomoravlje.

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