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The Realization of the LEGEND project

The representatives of the Regional Economic Development Agency of Šumadija and Pomoravlje attended the Second steering board meeting and the training workshop LCA (the Life Cycle Assessment ), held in Rabac, Croatia on 11th and 12th April.

The aim of the meeting is the analysis of the realized activities of all the partners defined by the LEGEND (Low Enthalpy Geothermal ENergy Demonstartion cases for Energy Efficient building in Adriatic area) project within IPA Adriatic Cross Border Cooperation program. The project is relazed by 10 partners from  6  countries: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia,  Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia  and Albania.

The project is to be realized from October  2012 – September 2014.

The Regional Agency presented the basic characteristics of the "Indoor city swimming pool" in Kragujevac for which the pre-investment study of the geothermal energy of low ethalpy application will be made. The presented building must comply with specific temperatures and comfort characteristics for which the use of renewable resource for energy generation is the right choice. All the partners made positive comments about the chosen building and its presented characteristics.

During the training workshop od  LCA (Life cycle assessment) as a support methodology for the ecologicall friendly geothermal investement the very LCA procedure  was pointed out, the parameters and aims applied on geothermal energy, additional values and the relevance of the LCA.

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