28.09.2011 | SMEE Development

The Programme of industrial scholarships (ISP)

Cooperative Training Centre of the University of Kragujevac (CTC) is implementing a new programme of Industrial scholarships (ISP) within TEMPUS project “Virtual Manufacturing Network of Western Balkans” in partnership with the Regional Economic Development Agency for Sumadija and Pomoravlje.

The long-term goal of ISP is to connect the two different cultures of business and academic worlds, and to elevate awareness about importance of establishment of sustainable partnership of the public and private sectors, based on mutual interest and benefits.

ISP programme as an approved good way of efficient transfer of knowledge and technologies towards enterprises, plans a specialized training for an industrial scholar in the first phase of implementation, and development of joint R&D projects with the academic team engaged in ISP, in the second phase of implementation. In partnership with R&D institution and through implementation of a join project, the enterprise can improve its technology and products, and elevate the innovative potential and its competitiveness on the market. Integration of ISP with development strategy of the enterprise produces long-term benefits.

On the territory of Serbia, totally 13 ISP programmes will be cofinanced through TEMPUS project (cost of academic mentor’s engagement) while the sponsoring enterprise which sends the scholar will finance costs of salary and travel cost of industrial scholar.

Applying for ISP programme is open until 10 October 2011. The filled application form should be sent to e/mail address sme@redasp.rs or by fax 034-302-706.

For additional information and submission of documentation you can address the Regional Agency.

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