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The press conference with the aim to promote the project "LEGEND" took place

On 18th January 2013 the press conference was held, organized by and in the premises of the Regional Economic Development Agency, as the project partner with the aim to promote the project "LEGEND - Low Enthalpy Geothermal ENergy Demonstartions cases for Energy Efficient building in Adriatic area"- "Demonstrative cases of the geothermal energy of low enthalpy for the energy efficiency of buildings in the Adriatic area``.  The project  is realized within the  IPA Adriatic Cross Border Cooperation program with the total of 13 partners coming from  7 countries: Italiy, Slovenia, Croatia,  Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and  Albania.

The aim of the LEGEND project is the promotion of the energy efficiency and the use of the  geothermal energy of low entahlpy in the Adriatic area. The project will realize the pilot power plants in public and housing buildings with the making of detailed cost / benefit analysis ( economic / ecological) on the sites. The Studies will be made for the specific territories of the IPA area, and they will be based on the European experiences in the practical application of the geothermal potentials, with the public promotion of concepts and model of the public-private partnership with the aim to spread and use the geothermal technology more easily.The following results will be realized on the territory of Šumadija and Pomoravlje:
- Website with a special link for each partner,
- SWOT analysis and the study of the geothermal energy of the region,
- Pre-investment study of the adequate etchnology for the geothermal energy for one case in the region,
- The recommendation document for simplifying the normative regulations for the application of the geothermal energy.

The total value of the project is: 3 085 540.00 €.The project is to be realized within the period from October 2012 – September 2014.The conference publically marked the beginning of the project realization on the territory of Šumadija and  Pomoravlje. The official beginning of the project realization in the Adriatic area was marked in December 2012  by the kick- off meeting organized in  Ferrara (Ferrara county, in the Emilia – Romagna region, Italy). The meeting was attended by 10 partners on the project coming from  5 countries participants. The procedures and action plan of the project were presented at that event.

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