16.05.2019 | Territory Development

INSiGHTS project - Tour&Picnic

On the occasion of the 10th traditional St George’s holiday hiking on Besnjaja mountain and the 2nd Wine festival in Rekovac, on May 4, 2019, a guided tour was organized on the route from Kragujevac, Besnjaja, Kalenić and Rekovac to the villages of Cvetojevac and Petrovac. The beauty of the natural and cultural heritage of this region was presented as part of the offer for active holiday, and rural tourism with local products and tradition. Participants – media, tourist agencies, CSO and tourist organisation - visited hiking paths on Besnjaja and in Rekovac. After visiting the monastery of Kalenic, women's associations from Rekovac presented home-made food, juices and wine, while at the second Wine Festival in Rekovac, the local producers from Levac and Sumadija presented their products. In the distillery Pevac in Cvetojevac, the participants tasted the brandy of Šumadija, and in the village tourist household “Jana’s Paradise” in Petrovac, the hosts presented their offer as well as a rich table with products from their garden and farm.

INSiGHTS Tour^Picnic 1INSiGHTS Tour^Picnic 2INSiGHTS Tour^Picnic 3

Representatives of two slow, green and healthy tourism centers presented their experience in cooperation with the regional agency, and plans for continued cooperation on improving the tourist offer. The tour was organized by the Regional Economic Development Agency for Sumadija and Pomoravlje in cooperation with the City Tourism Organization of Kragujevac, the tourist organization Rekovac and the mountaineering-ecological club PEK Gora from Kragujevac.

INSiGHTS Tour^Picnic 4INSiGHTS Tour^Picnic 5INSiGHTS Tour^Picnic 6

Besides the presentation of the tourist offer, the aim was to present the results of the pilot activities of the INSiGHTS project, and the memorandum of cooperation which was signed by the tourist organizations of Kragujevac, Knić, Topola, Arandjelovac, Rekovac and Despotovac, mountaineering clubs PEK Gora, Žeželj, Kamenac, Bukulja, KAUP Resavica, PSK Resava, Aranđelovac Equestrian Club, Levač literary club "Stefan Prvovenčani", Eco fun camp, Cultural Heritage Protection Institute in Kragujevac and the Regional Economic Development Agency for Sumadija and Pomoravlje. The common role of all signatories is the development and promotion of the integrated tourist offer of Sumadija and Pomoravlje.


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